Josefine - Josefine cover

Josefine Eggum fills the Katie Melua and Norah Jones - place that we have not yet managed to fill in Norway . She has an earthy singer / songwriter style and is simply a great talent.

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Waikiki - Hula Ce Soir cover

Songwriter and artist living in Norway. She creates Dance/Pop Music with tropical Polynesian influences.

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dsound - starts and ends cover

D'Sound is a Norwegian pop band based in Oslo, Norway. The band is composed of lead vocalist Simone Larsen (now known as Simone Eriksrud), bassist Jonny Sjo and drummer Kim Ofstad.

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Kristian Valen - Home Tomorrow cover large

Kristian Valen
Kristian Valen is a comedian, actor, singer and songwriter originally from Stavanger, Norway. Known for comedic impressions, Valen has also pursued a serious music career.

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Charite Viken Reinås first became known for her participation in " Eurovision " in 2009.

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Zuma - Home Tonight cover

Zuma is a Norwegian pop duo consisting of Alexander Stenerud and Henrik Njaa . Zuma was formed in 1995 after Stenerud and Njaa won a demo contest on NRK P3 .

Zuma - Home Tonight cover

Sisters - Hold The Line cover

Sisters released a cover of "Hold The Line" in 2007.

Sisters - Hold The Line cover