Welcome to the World of Mountain Music.
We create music and videos for your experience.

Mountain Music was founded in 2001 as a sister company to Universal Music. In 2008 Mountain Music became an indepentant label with the continuing concept of developing new artists and releasing high quality music throughout the ever-so-changing and fast-paced global music community. Mountain Music has solidified itself as a record company that delivers quality music while setting new standards for diverse audiences.

For us, no matter whatever or wherever the source of inspiration, music and videos has no borders. In fact, for us, music and videos are two of the most unifying forces on earth. It communicates emotions, feelings, and understanding among people who cannot understand a word of each other’s language.

With our most artistic freedom and craftsmanship, spirituality, love and determination for the music we produce and release, we try to reach each and everyone in an alliance of all.

Mountain Music AS is Celebrating it’s 13th anniversary with the vision of producing high-quality productions with, love, determination of each and every artist, for each and every production. As we operate both in Europe and US the label has grounded the future for great craftsmanship of musicians.

Our entertainment group specializes in love song of Rock/ Pop and happy Electronic Dance music. These styles are our trademark with high-end quality recordings. Our vision is unifying all our products into an alliance of communication without any borders through the universal language of music and videos.

Check out the Mountain Music’s artists, latest releases and listen to audio samples to plug into the world of Mountain Music. Here you can find the home of some internationally known talented songwriters and artists.. Our roster of talent and expanding catalog continue to push the envelope of musical boundaries to bring you the ultimate in music.

Thank you for visting us.
Rosemary Buck, President